How to Make a Purchase In Game

Starting from September 10, 2013, Royal Story will be implementing Facebook’s new Local Currency Payment system. With this system, all in-game purchases will take place using the player’s local currency based on location. Players can pay directly in local currency, and this will be converted to Rubies. There is no longer a Facebook Credit conversion stage. 

To make a purchase, simply select the amount of Rubies or Coins using the payment buttons below the game screen.

Then select your preferred payment method.

After confirming the payment, the Rubies will be added to your game. Please note that if the Rubies do not immediately arrive in your game, do not panic, it may take some time for the purchase to arrive. Please wait a moment and then refresh your game. If you have any further issues, you can contact Facebook Payment Support directly here: 

If you would like to change your local currency settings, you can always do that here:

Please note:

The local currency system has no concept of stored balance. Making purchases on Facebook will no longer have the possibility of leaving you with a remaining balance on your account. 

Last Modified : September 13, 2013, 12:06 am
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