How to use the Visitor Sign?

 1.       The Visitors Sign allows you to write a message for all your neighbors that visit your Kingdom. First, you should get it in the Shop > Buildings > Special Tab, and place it in your Kingdom.


2.      After placing it in your kingdom, simply left click on it.

3.       The below window will appear, Type the message you wish on the text field, choose your Narrator and click on “Save”.

4.       Once your Neighbors visit your Kingdom they can click on your Narrator’s icon and read the message that you wrote for them. You can edit the message or change the Narrator any time by clicking on the Visitor Sign again.

NOTES: -You can only type messages related to the game. Offensive messages or messages that are not related to the game are forbidden.

- You cannot input any words under full screen mode.

Last Modified : August 18, 2016, 11:56 am
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