How to use the Automation? (OP)

1. The Automation Mode is available at level 18, which allows your Animals and Machines to produce automatically. Each action will cost 1 OP. You can see how many OP you have in the upper left of the screen.

2. To start using the Automation, click on the OP number/icon, and then press Edit Mode. Now, all your machines and animals (so anything that can use OP) will have a button that can be ON or OFF.

3. The Machines and Animals with OFF icon are currently NOT using OP. Those that say ON are currently using OP.

4. To switch from not using OP to using OP (ON or OFF), or the other way around, just click the icon. If you want, you can Turn all Machines and Animals ON or OFF at once by clicking the button “Turn all on” or “Turn all off” as shown above.

5.      After switching automation on or off, click finish editing to complete it, you can also click More OP to get more OP when you are out of OP. 


NOTE: - Each action (Feed Animal/Machine or collect the product) will spend 1 OP.

- Make sure you have the necessary ingredients and materials for the desired product.

- In case one of your Machines or Animals are with the Automation ON and you don’t have the necessary ingredient in stock or OP left, it’ll stop the production.

- if you don't have OP left and a Machine or Animal has its Automation ON, you will not be able to use it until you buy more OP or turn OFF the Automation.

- If you want to change the kind of product in any Machine, you should turn OFF the Automation and change it.

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