How do I use the Machine Factory

Firstly, make sure you have a completed Machine Factory in your Kingdom. To store Machines and keep them producing, you need to:
- Click on the Machine Factory;
- Click the “Add More” button and you will be able to choose the Machines you want to store by clicking on them.
 -If you wish to take the Machine out from the Machine Factory and place it in your Kingdom again, just click on the icon as the image below:
-To produce with the Machines in the Machine Factory is very simple, you can choose which product in each machine you want to produce by clicking in the product icon, and then it’ll show you how many of the needed ingredients you have, after that you can choose the quantity and press the blue button to start the production. Make sure you have enough OP for this operation.

If you’re trying to add Machines but it doesn’t work, one of these situations is most likely happening:
•You are trying to store a machine that still has an ingredient or product in it. Empty the machine first!
•Your Machine Factory is full. Upgrade it by clicking in the Upgrade Button to be able to store more Machines.
•The Machine has the Automation ON: you cannot store Machines that are in the kingdom with Automation ON, first switch it OFF!

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