How does the Daily Login Bonus works?

With the Daily Login Bonus you can get many Rewards by logging in on Royal Story every day, including Rubies!

  • Each day you will win a specific amount of the reward that is shown by the yellow square.
  • The ones with the green check mark are the rewards that you already collected.
  • The colorful rewards are the ones that you will collect.
  • And the black and white rewards with the blocked mark are the rewards that are lost and you can't collect anymore because of the missed days.

-If you didn’t login for a day or more, the counter on the right bottom corner will keep counting and you will not be able to collect all the rewards, after the time expires, a new round will start:

-If you wish, you can restart your Daily Login Bonus anytime by investing 1 Ruby (Clicking in the button below), and your Rewards and daily counter will restart:

Remember: Every time you restart your Daily Login Bonus or start a new cycle, you will back to the first day and the Rewards will change.

Last Modified : August 18, 2016, 11:55 am
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