How does the Subscription work?

With the Royal Story Subscription, you will get an Exclusive monthly item and 5 daily rubies! Besides, you will get the extra signup gift at your first subscribe.

-After subscribing, you will get the Signup gift (only for the first subscription) + 5 Rubies (daily) + a Monthly Gift (a different item every month). You will get an email from Facebook informing about the subscription and also when you unsubscribe. 

- The Subscription’s validity is one month. It will be renewed automatically every month, unless you cancel it or you don’t have enough balance ($14.99) in the bank card for the next subscription. 

- In any case, the subscription will start from the day it is renewed successfully.


- After cancelling, you can re-activate the subscription again. To do so, just open the panel in the game and click "reactivate". Although you will see a panel asking to select the payment method, you will not be charged for this same billing cycle if you already have paid previously.  

Note: -You will always receive your Daily Rubies each 24 hours counting from when you got your first Daily Rubies.

-If you don't collect the Daily Rubies within the time, they will be accumulated to next time you login the game, remember to collect them before your subscription is expired. :)

You can unsubscribe it at any time. And you are still able to collect 5 daily rubies until the cancelled subscription expires.

Q: I cannot collect 5 daily rubies from subscription for few days now, why?

A: In this case, it seems that your subscription is expired and not renewed successfully. Please double check the exact date you renewed it. Subscription's validity is one month.

Q: It's a new month now. Why I didn’t get this month’s gift yet?

A: You will get current month’s gift once your subscription is renewed at this month (except after 28th), rather than the first day of every month.

Q: If I cancel my subscription right now, for example on the 10th day, will I still get the 5 daily rubies for the remaining 20 days?

A: Yes, you will still be able to collect them. Be sure to collect the 5 daily rubies every day for the remaining 20 days in your MESSAGE CENTER.

Last Modified : January 20, 2017, 11:15 am
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