How do the Fortune Wheel & Fortune Tokens work?

Fortune Tokens can be collected from the Daily Bonus, which will go to your Inventory > Pouch. Clicking “use” will guide you to the Fortune Wheel panel, which can be found in your Castle > fourth tab - Royal Circus.


From the Wheel of Fortune panel, you can see Timer, Yellow Bar, Refresh button and Spin button.

1) Items on Fortune Wheel show up randomly. When the timer ends, new items will show up.

2) If you don’t like the items showing up in your Fortune Wheel, you can click “Refresh” button to see new items, either by spending one Fortune Token, or 3 rubies if you don’t have any Fortune Tokens.

3) You may notice that there is a Yellow Bar on the right. It is filled up after you spin the Fortune Wheel a few times.

4) When the Yellow Bar is full, and you spin the wheel next time, you will get double rewards!

1.jpg then spin next time >> 4.jpg

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