How to get Super Flowers?

Use the Nutrition Bottles crafted in Faye's Magical Lab to upgrade your flowers to Super Flowers.

When you click on a non-super flower, it gives you 3 options: water with basic watering cans, water with super watering cans, Nutrition Bottle.  Clicking to refill Nutrition Bottle on the flower will upgrade it to be a super flower directly if you have Nutrition Bottles in stock.

If you don’t have Nutrition Bottle, one panel will show up once you click on Nutrition Bottle.  You can either buy one with 10 rubies, or click Make to make it in Faye’s Magical Lab, which can be purchased from shop > buildings > crafting.

More Info:

Nutrition Bottle is used to upgrade normal flowers both in Kingdom and Flower House to Super Flowers. The tending time of Super Flowers will become 20% faster than normal ones. At the same time, Super Flowers will drop one new extra item randomly - Super Blossom, which is one ingredient to make super perfumes from Super Perfume Machine(find it in the shop > machines & animals > machinery).  

Super Flower will become dry after it is tended a few times. Once it dried, you will need to use another Nutrition Bottle on it to make it alive again.

Every time you use Nutrition Bottle to make flowers become super, you will get one kind of Gene, which will be used in the Gene Lab ( coming soon ).


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