How to use/get the Museum?

The Museum is a special building that is available only on limited special packs that will appear time by time on your Kingdom (Keep an eye on our Fanpage to know all promotions and news).

With the Museum you will be able to store your Buildings to save more land, and the buildings will keep producing!

How to use the Museum?

  • Once you purchase the Museum Special Package, the Museum will go to your inventory, simply place it in your Kingdom and complete its building.

  • After the Museum building is complete, simply click on it and then click on “Add more”, after that all the storable buildings will have an Yellow Arrow on it, click on them to store.

  • Once your Buildings are stored, you will be able to check the time to collect and also Collect them. The first level of the Museum allows you to store 2 buildings, if you want to store more, click on Upgrade, fullfill the requirements and your Museum will be upgraded and you will be able to store more buildings.

  • If you want to remove an item from the Museum and put back in your Kingdom, click on the button located under the item image.

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