How to transfer Canned Food?

  1. Click to open Transport Tunnel in sea area of Land Kingdom.

 2. Then you will see Craft button in Transport Tunnel panel.

 3. Click Craft button, you will see the food which can be crafted to Canned Food.

 4. Click on the food you have in stock, and the number on Make button will change accordingly. (You can click Show Me button to craft more food first if you don’t have enough food in stock.)

 5. Click Make button, the chosen food will be crafted to Canned Food immediately.

 6. Click "+""-" on the Transport Tunnel to decide how much Canned Food you want to transfer.

 7. Click Transport to start transporting. You will see like this:

 8. Go to Deep Sea by clicking New World Entrance or Deep Sea icon on top right.

 9. Open the Transport Tunnel in Deep Sea to collect Canned Food when the transferring is finished.

 10. Click to exchange Extract when you have collected enough Canned Food.

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