Beginners Gift

1- Beginners Gift can be accessed by clicking the Activity List icon (top left of game screen), and it's available from level 2.

2- The prize list in the Beginners Gift varies from one player to another according to their levels. People in the same level range will have the same prize list.

3- There are 6 sets of prizes. One random prize can be collected from each set. The next counter won’t start until you click “Get Reward” button to collect the current prize.

                   Before Collecting 2nd Set Reward     

After Collecting Reward

4- Countdown time for each prize is listed in the middle column of Beginners Gift. For example, the countdown time for second set is 20 minutes, which means the second set prize will be able to collect in 20 minutes right after the first set prize is collected.

5- The countdown for each set of prizes will also work when you are offline.

6- Prize list will be updated every 24 hours. But if you finish collecting all prizes of 6 sets within 24 hours, a new round will restart until time is up for the day.

7- If you are lucky, you may see “+100%” on some sets randomly, which means that you will get double random prizes from that set.

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