What are Community Neighbors?

Your neighbor added through Community Neighbor Pop-up

(In other words, you can be Royal Story neighbors without having to be Facebook Friends!)

P.S :If you have 15+ Community Neighbors on DEEP SEA you won't be able to add more,

the button below to add will disappear

How to get pop-up panel?

You have to reach predetermined level and haven’t enough neighbors.


Number of Neighbors

Max. Number of Neighbors can be Added

5 - 10



11 - 14



15 - 19



20 - 200




- The people that appear are people who play Royal Story, but not player's Facebook Friends.

- The list is random, so it might happen If you delete one it can go back to the list.

- You can delete a community neighbor any time, simply click the Red   Symbol above their avatar in the Neighbor Panel.

  • Where is the panel to disable the function?

It will show if the player keeps closing the Community Neighbors Panel day after day

(If the player closes the panel all these times, then the panel to disable the function appears.)

Note: If you disable this function, it won’t show up again.

- if I visit a community neighbor, will he see me in his kingdom?

No, but you still can do all the actions

  • Am I able to have any interaction with my community neighbors?

Yes, you can ask requests and send gifts to Community Neighbors, unless your Community neighbor ticked the button "disable requests from Community Neighbors"

Notes: this button can be unticked to enable again community neighbors requests if you want to do so.

  • How do I know which neighbor is a Community Neighbor?

This icon indicates they are Community Neighbor, which appears in your neighbor panel

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