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With a Botanic Shed you can grow plants, collect their Sprouts and earn a lots of Rewards! Each room in the Botanic Shed has its own theme and its own seeds.

Find the Botanic Shed in the Shop and place it in your Kingdom.

Buy a Succulent Plant Seed in the Botanic Shed, in the Succulent Room's Shop.

Choose a pot to plant your seed.

Use Plant Essence to buy new Seeds and upgrade your pots to increase your max capacity of Plant Essence you can hold.

Tend your plants so they grow and give Sprouts and Plant Essence. You can also hire a Botanic Pet that will help you to collect Plant Essence even when you are offline. Level up your Pet to collect even more.

When Plants become mature, they drop 1 Sprout. Collect the Sprouts, and exchange Sprout collections for great rewards in the Botanic Shed!

Collecting Sprouts by growing specific plants will help you complete the Collection and exchange it for fantastic rewards. Having more Pots and Plants in the Botanic Shed means more Plant Essence, which in turn means more Rewards!

How to get Plant Essence

You can find Plant Essence while tending your plants or buying more with rubies. You can use Plant Essence to buy seeds and plant them in the pots to get sprouts & also to upgrade your Pots..

How to increase the Capacity of Plant Essence?

To increase the capacity of Plant Essence you should first upgrade the Pots. Go to Edit Mode to upgrade the Pots. You will need to unlock more spots, and then upgrade those spots to increase the essence capacity. Upgrade one by one until you get the max capacity of Plant Essence and then  keep upgrading and buying new seeds.


Once you have the Botanic Shed in your Kingdom, you will have the chance to buy a Botanic Pet to help you to collect Plant Essence in the Succulent Room even when you are offline.


You can buy Botanic Pet Food in the Botanic Shop in the Consumables tab, or you can also find it in the Elf Trading Post, which will appear from time to time and you can buy it with Rainbow Drops. To feed your Botanic Pet, you should place your pointer over the pet and select the hand icon to feed your Botanic Pet.


To upgrade your Botanic Pet you will need to have Botanic Pet SuperJuice. When you update your pet, it means it will increase the capacity that it can carry, so it can collect more  Plant Essence at a time.

How to upgrade the pot?

Click the Edit Mode, and then you will see the Upgrade icon on the pot. After upgrading the pot, click the Edit Mode to switch back to the plant & tend panel, since you can only move, upgrade pots and sell plants with the Edit Mode on.

How to use Botanic fertilizer and watering can

Fertilizing or watering your plants in the Botanic Shed doesn’t work the same way they work in the kingdom. It will only work when the plant needs it.

Most Common Questions

Q: I upgraded the flower pot to get 10 Essence but still only getting 2 Essence from it every 30 min.

A: You won’t get 10 Essence after upgrading the flower pot. Upgrading the pots only increase your max capacity of Plant Essence.

Q: I hired the botanic pet, but it isn’t collecting essence.

A: 1. Please note that you can hire the pet to collect the essence only when you have the mature plant which gives essence.

2. The pet will stop collecting essence when the plant needs to be tended (within the 6 hours). Please note that the timer will stop when all plants need to be tended. When all plants are tended, the timer will keep going and the pet will start again to collect Plant Essence, as long as it has been fed.

Q: How many Sprout bottles does 1 plant give and is there a max number of plant essence that one plant can give?

A: When Plants become mature, they drop only 1 Sprout. There is a limit of 1 Sprout per Plant.

Q: How to check how many botanic items I have? A: You can check in your pouch and you also can check how many botanic items you have in botanic panel directly. For ex. Pet food , you can see how many pet food you have in the pet feeding panel directly:

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