Whack-a-Monster unlocks at level 16. It can be accessed by clicking on the Whack-a-Monster Garden near the fishing zone.

How to challenge friends and send challenge invitations to friends:

There are 5 slots in Whack-a-Monster. To challenge your friends you press “Play Together” in the 1st slot.  

After you have finished your own game, the score panel displays. You can press the “Challenge Friends Now” to send challenge invitations to your friends.

P.S : Sending whoever the invitations is totally randomly. It's normal that you don't see the invitation panel popped up after clicking "Challenge Friends Now".

However, you won’t get the Monster Coins immediately. The Monster Coins will be deposited in your Message Center after your opponent has played the game.

How to accept challenge from friends:

If someone challenges you on Whack-a-Monster, he/she will show up in one of the remaining 4 slots, and you can click "Accept Challenge" at any time to play Whack-a-Monster. The Monster Coins will be loaded to your Monster Coin Bar directly once you finish playing the game.

If the “Accept Challenge” button is grayed out, that means no one has challenged you. If all 4 “Accept Challenge” buttons are grayed out, please do not worry, there is nothing wrong with your game. It’s because no one has challenged you on Whack-a-Monster yet.

Whack-a-Monster Shop :

What are the Monster Coins for? To buy items in the Monster Shop!

The items there are refreshed every 24 hours, so be sure to buy the items immediately if you like them, or they will be replaced with other items when the time is up.

P.S: The Max Monster Coin you can hold is 500. If the limit is reached, you will not get more coins. So be sure to use your Monster Coins!


Q: I cannot play the whack-a-monster game because no friends show up in the slots?

A:  It's normal that no friends show up in the remaining 4 slots if no one challenges you on Whack-a-Monster.

Q: I just pressed “Play Together” to play Whack-a-Monster, but I didn’t get any monster coins after finishing my game. What’s wrong?

A: You do not immediately get Monster Coins. Monster Coins will be deposited to your Message Center AFTER your opponent has played their game. So please kindly wait until your opponent has finished their game, and then check your Message Center.

Q: The hammer in Whack-a-Monster is not controllable.

A: Please kindly try the following first.

1. Clear your computer's & browser's cache and cookies. Instructions are here:

2. Make sure you are using the latest version of browser and Flash Player.

3. Try using at least 3 different browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, IE, Google Chrome).

4. Reinstall the game.

If the above doesn’t help at all, please kindly contact our support team with detailed information.

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