How do I use the Warehouse?

First, click on the bottom right blue arrow to open all the Tools, then select the first tool, Store.

Then, click on any animal, machine or decoration that you want to store in the Warehouse.

If this doesn’t work, one of these situations is most likely happening:

  • You are trying to store a machine that still has an ingredient or product in it. Empty the machine first!
  • You are trying to store an animal that still has food or a product. Let it finish its food first, and collect all its products!
  • Your Warehouse is full. Level it up by adding the necessary materials to the Warehouse!
  • You can’t use the Storage tool because you have no Storage icon. Finish your Warehouse first by adding the necessary employees!

To find what you have in your Warehouse, click on your Pouch on the bottom right, then select Warehouse on the top right:

Last Modified : August 18, 2016, 11:57 am
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